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Youth Tennis Programs

Baseball does it.  Basketball does it.  Soccer does it.  It’s time for TENNIS to do it!

The courts, balls and racquets are more manageable for kids with 10 and under tennis.  And Corpus Christi has the programs available for kids to start having fun with tennis.  With the help of the USTA, the Corpus Christi Tennis Associat is targeting kids 10 and under to grow the game of tennis.  Our programs are designed to teach kids how to have fun playing tennis with their friends in their own neighborhoods.


AFTER SCHOOLWe are working with CCISD and Flour Bluff ISD to introduce tennis in the elementary school physical education classes.   And eventually we will spread across the entire Coastal Bend!

10S Kids Clubs are coming!  This is a chance for kids to play once a week at their elementary schools, learning basic hand-eye coordination skills and footwork, while just having fun and making friends.  Check back for specific schools and times.


Join us for 10S PlayDays where kids play different kinds of tennis games to begin to learn to keep score and play points in a non-competitive atmosphere.  Coupled with fun activities and snacks, these 2 to 3 hour events will be a blast for the kids!  Check back for the complete calendar.


For kids who have developed some skills and learned to keep score on their own, the next step is competition and what is more fun than joining a team with your friends?  In Junior Team Tennis (JTT), 10 and under kids will play shortened competitive matches against other teams and enjoy the camaraderie of being on a team.  Sign ups are in May.


Several local tournaments for 10 and under kids are in the planning.  Designed to keep costs low and to be easy to travel to, these tournaments will be a fun and stress-free environment for the kids to try their hands at competition.  Check back for the dates.


Check the box on right side and give us your email address so we can send reminders and information about upcoming events.  And check back here often for updates!


Click here to link to the USTA 10 and under page to view information about the 10 and under initiative.

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