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USTA Jr. Team Tennis

Local JTT League Coordinator: Jacquelyn Jones

Jr. Team Tennis provides an opportunity for kids to experience the camaraderie of a team sport while playing tennis. There are many changes to the rules and format in the fall of 2015 to make it easier for lots of kids to play team tennis. Among these are:

  • Players no longer have to be USTA members.
  • There are only 4 players required to play each week on a team.
  • In the 10’s and 12’s, all play is gender neutral; that is, you can have any combination of girls and boys on a team and they will play each other.
  • In 14’s and 18’s, teams must have 2 boys and 2 girls to advance to sectional play, but teams can be formed locally of any combination of girls and boys and still play in the league; they are just not eligible to advance to sectionals. ¬†However, any matches they play against eligible teams still count.
  • Locally, we are going to play on two weekends for the older kids to decrease the time committment and increase the fun!

Check out the information below for answers to questions you may have:

JTT ages table

JTT format

How to Register for Jr Team Tennis

For more information, please contact Jacquelyn Jones.

Here are some links for state and national information:

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