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2016 Stripes Junior Grand Prix Tournament Circuit Kicks Off at Al Kruse Tennis Center

AKTC B 14 AKTC B10 AKTC B12 AKTC B14C AKTC B18 AKTC B18C AKTC G10 AKTC G12 AKTC G12'sC AKTC G14 AKTC G18C AKTC G141 AKTC G18'sThe USPTA Jr Grand Prix Circuit, sponsored locally by Stripes, kicked off its 2016 season at Al Kruse Tennis Center on March 18-20.  Despite some challenging weather, Todd Norton (tournament director) and Susan Torrance (Director of Tennis at Al Kruse) managed to pull off a successful tournament.

The Grand Prix Circuit is an excellent opportunity for juniors to get some great playing opportunities and earn points toward a trip to sectionals at John Newcombe’s Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels on September 16-18, 2016.  The top two singles points winners in each age division will be invited to participate on the team that travels to the Championships.  All players who attend the Championships must be non-Qualified (not Champs or Super Champ players).

Below are listed the winners in each division.  Congratulations to all and good luck to all of the players in the next scheduled Grand Prix at Rockport Country Club, April 16-17.  See the schedule and last year’s top point winners on our Jr Grand Prix pages (under Youth Tennis).

Boy’s 16/18

1st Jacob Hernadez, 2nd Orlando Elizondo, Consolation Ruben Herrera

Girl’s 16/18

1st Caitlyn McKamey, 2nd Ashley Lucio, Consolation Anfrea Soto

Boy’s 14’s

1st Ritick Verma, 2nd Rolando Elizondo, Consolation Mathew Land

Girl’s 14’s

1st Nicole Escamilla, 2nd Ivana Turner, Consolation Daniella Lopez

Boy’s 12’s

1st Leyton Davidson, 2nd Juan Domminguez, Cons winner Loney Diaz

Girl’s 12’s

1st Sophie Dend, 2nd Jules Gilliam, Cons Winner Anissa Turner

Girl’s 10’s

1st Sophia Coucair, 2nd Jenny Su, 3rd Zara Borkowski

Boy’s 10’s

1st Kameron Fernadez, 2nd Alex Arrango

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