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On 3/31/20 the following email was sent out to parents and guardians:

Parents/Guardians -
The CCTA regrets to inform all parents and guardians that we have come to the difficult conclusion to officially cancel the Spring 2020 Hot Shots Program.  At this time, none of the facilities that we operate this program are open to the public and with new extended federal Social Distancing Guidelines recently announced, we do not anticipate these facilities opening to the public soon enough for us to start and complete these programs.  We were hoping to only postpone the program, but that does not seem to be possible.
I will be working on processing refunds through the online payment system this week and payments should be refunded to the card that was originally charged.  Refunds should be complete by Friday 4/3/20.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.  
We will be working hard to have a fantastic Fall Hot Shots program, so please be on the lookout for flyers and announcements!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at [email protected]

~Megan Gordon , Executive Director

This email was sent on on Friday 3/20/20 for those registered for Spring Hot Shots:  Parents/Guardians,

The Covid 19 pandemic has clearly affected many aspects of our lives at this time.  We were hoping to continue the program as originally planned with groups of less than 50 (and outside with minimal contact), but recent stipulations have made that impossible.
After discussion with the coaches we are going to Postpone the Spring session of Hot Shots.  With school closures / Easter holidays we are pushing the opening week to Sunday April 19th.  Hopefully this will allow enough time to pass for life to return to some semblance of 'normal'.
IF you need to remove your child from the program and would like a refund regardless of rescheduling the program, please send me an email to with Refund Request Hot Shots in the subject so that I can organize all of the requests appropriately. Please make sure to list your name, child's name and the facility that you signed up for so that I can double check and make sure refunds are applied properly.
IF we are not able to complete the program, we of course will be refunding all entry fees.  As with many things right now, we will be in a holding pattern until we know more towards the middle of April.   Please continue to have patience with us and we will send out info as soon as we know more.
** If you did not receive an email, please send your information to [email protected] so that she can update the database.**

The CCTA proudly sponsors our grassroots program Hot Shots! This program is geared towards children who have never picked up a racket and want to see what tennis is all about. This is meant to be a fun, laid back introduction to the game of tennis for children aged 6 to 11. They will learn the very basics about how to hit a forehand, backhand and volleys.

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We love that you are looking to have your child learn how to play tennis! Tennis is a lifelong sport that they can play their entire lives. While the Corpus Christi Tennis Association itself is not a teaching/coaching organization we do facilitate some grassroots programs with the local South Texas Professional Tennis Association.
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Are you looking for Tennis Lessons?

If your child has already been through our hotshots program or has been introduced to tennis already and wants to learn more, we recommend contacting the facilities below to find a program that will fit best your family. All of them have programs that are open to the public. You are not required to be members to any club to partake in lessons.

If you are interested in you child learning the lifelong game of tennis please visit:

HEB tennis center

4 years to 18 years
1520 Shely Street

corpus christi
country club

5 years to 18 years
6300 Everhart

corpus christi
athletic club

4 years to 18 years
2101 Airline

northshore country club

5 years to 18 years

al kruse tennis center

502 King St.