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Once a player has learned enough control to rally and serve, it is time to Play Some Tennis! Match play is very important for a player to really understand and utilize the skills they have been learning in their lessons. There are multiple ways for your player to get some match play right here in Corpus Christi.
Tennis Lessons for kids


Grand Prix Circuit

This is a series of local tournaments hosted by the South Texas Professional Tennis Association which allows players to build up points and be eligible to play in a regional playoff at Newks Tennis Ranch! These tournaments are a fun and easy way for a player to get match experience. Signing up is easy:  Talk with a local pro to get more information!

Tennis Lessons for kids


Universal Tennis Rating is a relatively new format for tennis play that gives each player a rating between 1.00 and 16.50. Most of the tournaments are meant to be co-ed and not divided by age. This allows players to compete against new players and expand their match play experience. Some UTR’s will have age minimums, so make sure you check before signing up. These are ideal for the Junior High and High School players. Give Gerald at HEB Tennis Center a call for more information about the next UTR Tournament! For more information and to sign up for UTR tournaments visit

Tennis Lessons for kids

individual tournaments:

There are several local tournaments put on by the CCTA or local clubs, through the USTA. Here are some local tournaments that Juniors can sign up for.

USTA - CHallenger (spring & fall)
polar bear (typically in december)
thanksgiving tournament (for both jr. and adult players)

Make sure to check out our online calendar to check out any upcoming tournaments around town.

junior team tennis/racusin league:

This program is a fun way for young players of all ages and abilities to get onto the court and play in a more ‘team’ environment. This is a great place for those playing 10 and Under tennis, junior High and high school tennis players. For this league, you must have a USTA membership….but if you do not have one, you can get one for FREE to play this league. Matches are typically played every Sunday afternoon for about six weeks. Please contact Zach at the Corpus Christi Country Club with any questions.